Sky Lane is a cycling park located in
the northeast corner of
Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport
You can enjoy riding a 23.5 km dedicated cycling track around the airport perimeter, as well as a 1.6 km inner cycling track. Sky Lane’s facilities specially designed for cyclists currently include medical, shop, food & beverage, track, parking lot, rest area. Many additional facilities will open in the near future.
The Sky Lane track is built from the latest composite materials to maximise your comfort
while providing a solid grip for your bike’s tires. The track’s sky blue colour is perfect for photo opportunities to share on social media.The one-way, two-lane track accommodates fast riders as well as those who bike at a more leisurely pace. No joggers are allowed on the track.
Sky Lane is open for morning and evening rides seven days a week. An energy-efficient solar lighting system lets you enjoy a memorable sunset ride. Sky Lane is safe and secure, with controlled access to the tracks and security cameras for a worry-free ride. Admission to Sky Lane is free.
Sky Lane is a collaboration between
Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) and Airports of Thailand PLC (AOT)
This collaboration encourages Thai people and visitors to Thailand to nurture your health and look after your fitness by cycling in a safe and comfortable environment. A non-profit project, Sky Lane reflects SCB and AOT’s commitments to social responsibility and improving people’s quality of life.